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Hair Compatibility Program

Use everyday foods as your medicine - Find foods compatible with your Body

Behind this program lies the principle that 'dis-ease' in your body can be aggravated by certain foods and/or products interfering with your body and preventing it from working properly. 

Feeding your body correctly can assist your immune system to deal with any other issues more effectively. This means that by following the program, your immune system gets to deal with each issue in a way that works best for your body.

Compatibility Program $333


  • Hair Test - including sample collection

  • 30min Report of Findings Consult

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Hair Compatibility Program: About

The technique is based on the way in which the foods and products benefit the individual person. Each person is unique so when it comes to foods and household products ‘one size does not fit all’.

Each individual has his/her own nutritional and energy requirements. Have you noticed that some foods give you good energy while others seem to drag you down and seem to aggravate existing symptoms?

Compatibility Hair Analysis is about finding local foods and household products that suit the individual. 

Using a hair or saliva sample, Compatibility testing identifies the influence (either positive or negative) that each food and product has on the individual body. This way we are able to determine which foods and products will need to be avoided and which ones can be used. Remember, feed the body correctly and it can function much better.

What our hair analysis test covers:

Our standard test covers a list of 600 items — including most food groups, bathroom, laundry, Health foods Gluten-free and kitchen products.

The focus is on what you CAN eat and use rather than what you cannot. It includes common local brands found in supermarkets and health food stores. Each item is tested in the form it is usually consumed (both raw and/or cooked where applicable).

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