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Have you have struggled with heavy, painful, irregular or non-existent periods, suffered through stress induced insomnia, or you have been watching your weight climb and your hair wash down the drain, or just feel sick and tired of being sick and tired? Don't feel like this is the status quo, and commit to making a change for the better today.

At Eat Well for Health, I want to empower women to become confident in their health and happiness. It's a big step to take your health and wellbeing into your own hands, and I am here to help you do just that.

My consults are now exclusively online - so you don't have to fight for a parking space, get dressed up or get changed out of your PJs.

All About Me

I am a mother of three kids, two dogs and a cat, wife to an Army husband, on an adventure to see Australia. I come from a small country town, where I volunteered in youth development for 11 years, helped run my husbands fitness business, home-schooled my 3 kids and worked as a Nutritionist running workshops and seeing clients.

My journey with Nutrition started in 2012 after the birth of my second son, when my husbands skin health was getting out of control, and my energy and weight were dragging me down. After making some drastic changes to what we ate, we saw an almost immediate improvement in both of our health. I lost 18kg, had energy to start exercising for the first time in my adult life and felt comfortable in my own skin, while my husband lost 20kg and cured his skin condition.

This really opened my eyes to the power of food as medicine and I made the decision in 2013 to study further so I could help others feel the same way.

Along my journey I have learnt that women's health has often been ignored, or dismissed, and many women are left struggling to find answers by themselves. From heavy periods, mood swings, pain in the abdomen, extreme fatigue/insomnia and thinning hair, women are suffering - often in silence. 

My mission is to help women and girls enjoy their best possible mental and physical health, throughout their lifetimes.

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