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Appointments and Fees

Get Healthy with Eat Well for Health


A Happier, Healthier You

Nutrition Consultations

Step One - Initial Client Consult

Up to 90 mins / $145

  • An information gathering consult, where we go over your medical and lifestyle history

  • Can take from 60-90 mins

  • Utilising non-invasive in-clinic testing methods to measure your health

Step Two - Presentation of Findings Consult

30 mins / $60

  • Where we have a discussion about the direction your treatment should take

  • You receive a prescription with lifestyle, dietary and supplement advice

Follow up Consult

30-45 mins / $60-$85

  • A check in to track your progress

  • Please note: If you are making a booking with your practitioner to discuss test results, you will need to book an Extended Follow Up Consultation to allow enough time to thoroughly review your results and treatment protocol.

  • Additionally, if it has been more than 6 months since your last visit to the Clinic you will need to book an Extended Follow Up Consultation to ensure your practitioner has adequate time to review your case and provide you with the best level of care

Body Composition Scan / Cellular Health Analysis

Up to 20 mins/ $60

  • Accurately assess your muscle mass, fat mass, hydration, and cellular health

  • Provides you with a guide to your unique calorie requirement for health and weight management

  • Instant results, quick, painless and non-invasive 

Emotional Care

Flower Essence Consult and Remedy

ABFE Consultation 20-30 min/ $45

  • Single Consultation

  • Includes 15mL blend to be taken for 2 weeks ($15 value)

  • Using energetic medicine to address your emotional concerns, sexuality, communication ability or spirituality. Flower essences shift stagnated emotions and energy out of our body and soul like a spring clean.

  • Safe for all ages, flower essences are a gentle option for young children, as well as the elderly. Taken as drops on the tongue - there is no need to swallow big tablets or capsules.