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Ageing is like Thanos - It Is Inevitable

Growing old is inevitable – we can have a guess and say most people, most of the time are going to experience declines to their muscle mass, their eyesight, and their bone density as they age.

But you are going to be in control of whether you are going to be 1) fit and healthy, 2) independent or unhealthy, or 3) frail and unhealthy by the time you reach your glory years. How we treat our bodies from the age of 20 through to our 60s, all has an impact on our health in our 80s and beyond.

Yep, I get it. That sounds like its ages away. You’re only in your 30s/40s. Why do you need to worry about that now? But unless you can express that you feel energetic, youthful, vital, are active and have a great work/life balance in yours 40s, chances are you may suffer from chronic conditions by the time you reach your 60s – such as blood sugar imbalance, obesity, and poor memory or disability.

Keeping the cells of your body as youthful as possible is one of the best gifts you can give your future self. Don’t be the person who reaches 70 years old, wishing you had taken better care of yourself.

How to age well

- Enjoy at least 3 cups of vegetables each day

- Include protein rich foods in every meal

- Enjoy up to two pieces of fresh fruit each day

- Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water each day

- Take part in 30 minutes of exercise most days

- Learn to relax and have fun

- Consider taking a multivitamin, probiotic and omega 3 supplement

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