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Nourish Yourself Healthy
27th October 2022

In collaboration with Health by Numb3rs and Intrinsic Inspirations, we are bringing you our next Health event!

We will be covering everything from how movement can improve your health, how your relationship with yourself is invaluable and how the food we eat can make or break us on our health journey

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Elevate Your Energy - Toowoomba City
11th February 2023

An afternoon workshop to identify why your lifestyle can by making you tired, grumpy, and turning to stimulants to keep you going.


This presentation is for anyone looking to boost their energy, to be the best version of themselves through quality sleep, fueling foods and an abundance mindset

In collaboration with Michelle Claire Life Coach, its a jam-packed afternoon filled with plenty of information paired with a plan of action. To get you to feeling brighter and back to yourself sooner

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