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Gut Health - Metabiome Test

Microbiome Sampling Kit

What is a MetaBiome Test?    
The MetaBiome™ Test is a non-invasive test that is used to sample an individual’s gut microflora (the bacteria and other microorganisms that live in your gut) for non-diagnostic purposes. It can help gain valuable insight into your gut health

What will the MetaBiome Report show?

MetaBiome™ reports on your gut microbiome diversity, the microbial species present, as well as their collective functional output, which are linked to various states of health and disease. The report provides you with a MetaBiome™ Score, which indicates your overall microbiome health. It is based on 11 metagenomic markers that are the most scientifically validated and relevant microbial metabolites and gut-based markers.

Your MetaBiome™ report will provide you with an overview of your gut microbiome and it’s potential to break down fibre and protein and to produce various substances linked to health.

How will this help me?

By measuring your diversity and potential to produce specific gut metabolites, we can gain an understanding of your unique microbiome and how it may be affecting your health. Diet and lifestyle, as well as nutritional ingredients, may modulate microbiome composition and function.

You can use the MetaBiome report to:

  • Gain insight into your overall gut health and what functions are performing or underperforming.

  • Learn which microorganisms are in your gut and what they might be doing.

  • Identify overgrowths of a particular species within your microbiome.

  • Monitor how your microbiome changes with diet and lifestyle adjustments.

  • Identify any issues of inflammation in your gut microbiome.

If you want to improve your gut microbiome I can personalise a treatment plan, and monitor the health of your microbiome.  As your Practitioner, I will be able to provide you with dietary suggestions around what types of food will encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria, as well as lifestyle changes to promote a healthy gut microbiome

How Much is the Metabiome Test?

 Our MetaBiome test package is $479 and includes:

  • Metabiome Test Kit posted to you

  • Metabiome stool test Kit

  • Metabiome consult to discuss your results and provide recommendations to improve your Microbiome and overall health (up to 45 minutes)

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